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How Does the GoSoapBox Web App Work?

Last Updated: Sep 10, 2013 08:44AM EDT
This article is a bit more technical than most on our support site, but 

GoSoapBox is driven by two web technologies:
  1. An application server for all the pages on
  2. A real-time service for everything that occurs inside an Event.

Application Server

Our cloud hosting environment uses Amazon Web Services. Specifically, our cloud sits in the AWS US/East availability zone. This means that any time you type in, your browser is talking to a server behind our load balancer in Northern Virginia, United States.

This means there is a little bit of latency for users on the other side of the planet. We mitigate this latency by making extensive use of CDNs for static asset hosting.

Real-Time Service

Because our application server is not well-suited for real-time use, we separated the real-time component away from the application server in the second generation launch of GoSoapBox (August 2013). The real-time service is much better for managing data messages, and allows your Events to update much faster than in the first generation of GoSoapBox.

How These Technologies Work Together in an Event

When a student punches in an access code to join your Event, that access code is sent to our application server. The application server routes the student to an Event page, at which point the real-time service is called into action. There's a brief delay (typically 1-2 seconds) before the real-time service is ready to go. This is why, beneath the GoSoapBox logo and the name of your Event, a student's screen is initially blank.

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