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How to use math equation formatting on GoSoapBox

Last Updated: Nov 06, 2013 06:32PM EST

Teachers can use math equations in GoSoapBox. If you are already used to creating math equations for use with other applications the process is roughly similar.

Supported math equation format

  • TeX
  • MathML

Support GoSoapBox features

  • Poll extended description.
  • Poll response choices.
  • Discussion extended description.
  • Quiz extended description.
  • Quiz response choices.

Step 1: Make sure math formatting is enabled in your Event

From your Event Moderation Panel, go to Enable/Disable Features and make sure Math Formatting is turned on. Note that by default, math formatting is disabled for Events because it increases load time.

Step 2: Produce your math equation code

Create your equation using TeX or MathML, then paste it into one of the supported GoSoapBox features.

  • We recommend using TeX since the total amount of code written tends to be much less than MathML.
  • We recommend using inline notation for shorter equations, and display notation for more elaborate equations.

Here's what you'll see when you put TeX into poll choices.

Note that we are showing two kinds of TeX inline notation, the \( ... \) version and also a shorthand $ ... $ version.

Here's what students will see when they go to vote.

And then here's what everyone will see on the poll results screen.

Additional Considerations
  • There may be a brief delay from when a page is loaded and when your math notations are rendered as formulas. This delay is unavoidable as it takes a moment for your browser to render the special code into the expected math equation.
  • If you export the results of your polls or quizzes to a spreadsheet, you will see the raw TeX or MathML code instead of a rendered formula. Excel doesn't know how to render these.
  • Math equation formatting receives best-effort support from the GoSoapBox Support Team. We make no guarantees about it working on every device.


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