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Whitelisting GoSoapBox's email and web resources

Last Updated: Mar 23, 2017 09:41AM EDT


We use Mandrill for transactional emails which are signed with valid DKIM and SPF (via DNS). Unfortunately we cannot provide a single IP to whitelist, as it occasionally changes. However, if you can whitelist as a valid sending address, this will ensure that all official emails from GoSoapBox arrive at inboxes.

Web Resources

Access to the following domains is required for GoSoapBox to work properly. When teachers and students report problems connecting to GoSoapBox, it's typically because a firewall or content filter has blocked one or more of our resource domains. Whitelisting these typically resolves any problems.
  • (primary application URL).
  • (application load balancer, not whitelisting this can cause problems with some content filters).
  • (CDN for static assets, please note that this changed in July 2015).
  • (real-time database service).
  • (CDN for our real-time database service).
  • (storage for teacher-uploaded images).


JavaScript is required for GoSoapBox's real-time functionality to work properly. If you have the ability to whitelist JavaScript on a per-domain basis, please add to that whitelist.


WebSockets are the primary means by which GoSoapbox's real-time magic works. Though there is a fallback mechanism, GoSoapBox runs much more smoothly when it can work through WebSockets. Please check your software and network configurations to make sure WebSockets are not blocked, specifically for connections to

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