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Getting Started with the GoSoapBox Presenter Remote

Last Updated: Jul 20, 2015 04:41PM EDT
GoSoapBox's Presenter Remote is an easy way to make your live content available on a projected screen.

There are two pieces to the Presenter Remote:
  • A presenter view which can be embedded into a Windows PowerPoint presentation.
  • A "remote control" accessed from a second device, which determines what is visible on the presenter view.

Important notes before we get going

  • Presenter Remote is beta functionality (for now). We are actively working on it so we don't recommend relying on it for anything important.
  • Only Polls are supported (for now). Other pieces of live content (like Audience Q&A) will be forthcoming.
  • Presenter Remote's PowerPoint Add-In is Windows-only. We will be adding Mac support in the near future.
  • Presenter Remote automatically unlocks polls for students (there's no need for you to do that).

Embed the Remote's Presenter View into Windows PowerPoint

1. Download and install our Windows PowerPoint Add-In.

You can download a ZIP from here:

The ZIP archive contains two executable files; they are the same, except one is for 64-bit Windows, and the other is for 32-bit windows. Try the regular installer first; if you have any "package not supported" errors, you can try the 32-bit version of the installer.

The Add-In must be installed on the computer that will be used during your presentation.

2. Open PowerPoint.

The Add-In creates a new PowerPoint ribbon called "GoSoapBox". This ribbon has one button: "Insert Presenter Remote Slide".

3. Click on "Insert Presenter Remote Slide".

4. Enter your Event's numeric access code and click "Add Slide".

Note: Right now, custom codes are not supported by the Add-In.

5. A new slide is inserted into your presentation.

The new slide will be identified as a Presenter Remote slide, for your reference. You can drag and drop this slide, and also copy/paste it to appropriate locations in your presentation.

6. Start your slide show.

When you get to the Presenter Remote slide, you'll see a brief loading message followed by the Presenter View loading in. At this point, all you need to do is access the Presenter Remote from a second device.


Access the Presenter Remote from a second device

1. From a second device (like your phone), sign into your GoSoapBox account.

2. Find the Moderation Panel of your Event

3. Click on "Presenter Remote" underneath Beta Functionality.

If you don't see this option, make sure Beta Functionality is enabled for this Event.

4. Select content to display.

It's that easy!


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